connect sengled wifi blub to alexa

How to connect Sengled Wifi Bulb to Alexa?

There are two ways to connect Alexa to a Sengled Wifi bulb. Before we start this procedure, make sure you have already set up your Alexa enabled device and plugged it into the wall outlet. Plus your router should be set up and working.

Moreover make sure your Alexa is up to date too. For this, you can simply ask “Alexa to check for available updates” and it will then update your echo if it finds any updates available. For the setup process we recommend you to place both the devices right next to each other. Although after setup you can plug them at desired location.

Connect Echo(Alexa) to Sengled Wifi Smart Bulb

Before we start the setup make sure you reset the smart wifi bulb. Also, it should be connected to a power socket and turned on.

Method 1 (Asking the Alexa to do the Job)

  • Now, on your Alexa enabled echo device simply say “Alexa, search for available devices”. It will then look for your smart bulb. 
  • During pairing of Alexa to sengled wifi bulb, the bulb will blink twice. This will indicate to you that the process has been initiated. So, you just need to wait for around 60 seconds.
  • After Alexa connects to the Sengled bulb successfully, it will let you know.
  • You will be able to control the bulb by saying, “Alexa, turn On/Off first light”. 
  • You can now also ask Alexa to add your bulb to any already created group to control more lights and devices at the same time. For that simply say, “Alexa, add first light to the (group name) group”.

Method 2 (Through Alexa App)

  • First and foremost make sure you have reseted your Sengled Wifi bulb.
  • Now, open the Alexa app on your android or iOS device. Now we assume you have already setup sengled wifi bulb using the Sengled home app. 
  • On the Alexa app and click on More>>Skills & Games>>Search for Sengled>>Enable to use.
  • Next, you will need to type your Sengled account username and password for confirmation. 
  • Once your Sengled account is linked with Alexa Tap on close. And the go to Discover devices option, next.
  • Now, the Alexa will discover the bulb and get connected to it. After this you can simply add that bulb to any group or use it individually.
  • In case the Alexa is not able to discover the device, then simply once ask “Alexa, to turn Off all lights”. This way you can make sure if in fact that wifi bulb also responded or not. Or else you can go to Devices>>Lights and then do this manually there.
  • If the bulb still doesn’t connect then make sure both Alexa and Wifi Bulb are in the close range of the router. For this setup you can use them in the same room as the router, until setup is complete.

(Through Sengled Home App) Method 3 

  • If you are setting up this wifi bulb for the first time then during the setup on the Sengled Home App it will give you an option to connect Sengled Wifi Bulb to Amazon Alexa. 

connect sengled wifi blub to alexa


  • Or else you can simply click on “Setting” on the bottom right of your Sengled App. Then click on “Works with Alexa”. 
  • Next tap on “Allow” to link Alexa with the Sengled Home app.
  • Lastly click on “Agree and Link” and it’s done.

My Sengled wifi bulb does not connect with Alexa

  • In case your bulb is not connecting to the Alexa then first make sure your alexa is updated.
  • Also your alexa should be all setup and connected to the wifi router.
  • Plus both your Alexa and Bulb should be plugged in the same room as your wifi router.
  • Try resetting your bulb by turning it Off/On in succession for around 5 times. The bulb blinks twice after a successful reset. If that doesn’t work then try turning it “Off/On” for around 10 times.
  • If you have poor wifi range then you can also setup your smart bulb to wifi extender. This will increase your wifi range and you will be able to use the bulb at far off places at your home.


In case you face any issue with the smart bulb and it is still in warranty. Then you can claim for the warranty here.

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