reset sengled wifi bulb

How to reset my Sengled Smart Wifi Led Bulb?

In order to reset your Sengled smart Wifi bulb, make sure it is plugged into a bulb holder or power socket. Now, you will need to turn it “On” before we start the reset process. Next, you will need to switch the bulb “Off/On” five times consecutively. 

The sengled wifi bulb reset will be complete when after this the bulb flashes three times and then blinks twice. After successful reset you can start the sengled wifi bulb setup again. 

reset sengled wifi bulb

Why do I need to reset Sengled Wifi Bulb

  • You can go for this bulbs reset process in case it is not connecting to the wifi. 
  • After power surge if the bulb does not connect automatically to the wifi router. Then also you can go ahead and reset your bulb.
  • In case you have changed a wifi router at home then also you will need to reset the smart bulb. The reason being your bulb was connected to the older network wifi. And after installing a new router, you will need to connect it to the new wifi router network.
  • In case someone gifts you these smart bulbs and they have been using it already, then also you will need to reset them once before using them.
  • Suppose if you are using these bulbs at one location and you will need to use them at different locations then you will need to restore them to factory default settings first.

In case your device is in warranty, then you can get in touch with Sengled support here. You can find the details related to the warranty of the bulb in the packaging.

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