How to track the Starlink satellites?

Starlink tracker is a super useful resource for both tracking and finding information on all the satellites currently in orbit around Earth. There is a site that provides a live satellite map along with the name, coverage quality, and covered locations for each satellite. The name of the coverage tracking site is
By clicking on a satellite, you can also check out its trajectory path if you’re trying to catch one as it passes by your location. Each satellite is surrounded by a blue circle, which is indicative of its coverage radius. You can even check out where the standby satellites are located and look at the coverage predictions provided by the site.

How to track the Spacex Starlink satellites?

To track Starlink satellites, you should be an existing SpaceX Starlink broadband user. After purchasing the network, you can use the website to track the satellites. You can also do the same through the “find Starlink satellite” app. After you launch the app, press the satellite icon in the upper right corner of the screen and then press “All”. Locate the “SpaceX’s Starlink” section and choose the mission you’re interested in.
Press the “Track” button next to one or multiple satellites to add them to your tracking list. Note that satellites in this list are sorted by order of their appearance in the sky above you. Press on one of the satellites you are interested in to select it and return to the main screen. At the top of the main screen, the “Next pass” timer counts the amount of time left until the next flyby of the selected satellite over your location. Press the down arrow to open the list of passes visible from your location that will occur in the nearest future. Use this list to plan your observation time. To see the list of all passes, press “All Passes”.
The main screen of the app has three modes that you can switch between by pressing the round icons at the bottom. The Globe view allows you to see a satellite’s trajectory around the 3D model of the Earth and on the Earth’s map. The Satellite view shows a 3D model of the satellite in its current position above the Earth. The Sky view allows you to see where the satellite is in the sky by following the arrow pointer.

SpaceX Starlink satellite tracker?

Tracking SpaceX Starlink satellites are quite easy if we use this process. We can locate the Starlink satellite train in the sky above with the help of the Star Walk 2 app. Launch the app, press the magnifier icon, and press on the satellite icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. At the top of the “Main Satellites” list, you’ll find the latest launched Starlinks. Scroll down to the “SpaceX’s Starlink” section and choose the mission you want to track. Press on the satellite you are interested in, and Star Walk 2 will give you accurate information on its position and trajectory.

How to track the Starlink train?

To find out exactly when a Starlink train will be visible from your precise location, visit the website. You can also do the same through the find Starlink satellite app by entering your location. It shows the bright passes of newly launched satellites, it’s important as some are very dim. They even give a live map of where they are now. You can also get detailed information from the reliable Heavens-Above website. They too give correct information on every single Starlink satellite and even include a sky chart for each pass.

Is there an app to track SpaceX Starlink satellites?

Yes, there is an app to track and visualize SpaceX Starlink satellites. This app is known as” Find Starlink Satellites”. Find Starlink Satellites app can be found and downloaded on both Android and Apple phones. This app works the same way as the original website, but it’s still under development. It is still in the beta version but will surely take over the website in the upcoming years. The app is user-friendly and responds well and accurately. From guiding through the installation process to showing details about speed and satellite location, it includes all.

Starlink tracker 2021.

To spot Starlink in the sky, SpaceX launched an app as well as a website to track their satellites. Starlink tracker 2021, is the latest gen piece that lets you locate and view your satellite position in the orbit. Users can choose from a multitude of cities across the world to check out when and where to look for Starlink satellites. Once you have typed in your location, the site will show timings with good, average, and poor visibility around that area. It tells you which direction to look in, how long the satellites will be noticeable, and the elevation. Find Starlink also warns users that the timings are not 100% accurate as the orbit of the satellites can change.

Starlink satellite tracker.

The website allows you to check out where the main satellites are in orbit. Unlike any other satellite map, which doesn’t show you the location of all the orbiting satellites. You’ll be able to see the main satellites’ pathways, so you know where they’re headed next. Starlink satellite tracker is a superb idea from the company head Elon Musk. This brilliant invention is the next step toward the future and an establishment of a new era.

Starlink tracker app.

Starlink tracker app is useful software for people who are using Starlink’s broadband service. This app can be found and downloaded in both IOS and android app stores. The app guides you on how to install the Starlink receiver dish, as well as connection status (including signal quality). A device overview for seeing what’s connected to your network and a speed test tool is also included. It’s like any other mobile app for managing home Wi-Fi connections and routers. Essentials such as speeds and latency of your satellite connection can be overviewed from here. The Starlink tracker app is still in the beta version and will require time to upgrade and work full-fledged. Also, this app is the official mobile version of the website.

SpaceX Starlink tracker.

Starlink train can go live for up to 10 minutes or more. The Starlink train tracker helps visualize the series of satellites through the naked eye. It tells you exactly where the satellites are and when will you be able to watch them cross your place. You don’t need a binocular or telescope to enjoy the vision as the satellites are very bright themselves. Passing time while stargazing them from your home or balcony is a trend nowadays. Very recently, it was seen all over Europe, the train was traveling from west to east.

Starlink tracker map.

Satellite tracked map offers a quick and easy way to track any Starlink satellite and the ground stations based on Earth. It works similarly to Google Earth, wherein you can rotate the globe to view different continents and countries. You can also click on any satellite in orbit and check out its name, launch date, and altitude. This also includes its altitude history on the bottom right of the page. Additionally, clicking on one of the red ground stations will provide you with its general location, antenna count, and antenna diameter too.

Starlink live tracking.

Starlink live tracking is the best feature of Starlink’s broadband connection. You can get to select major cities from around the world off a list and locate any satellite you want. Also, give in your exact latitude/longitude coordinates for a more specific rundown of dates and times. The website will respond with a list of days and times Starlink will be visible. This also comes with the direction they’re traveling and the elevation of the horizon (in degrees) where they will be visible.

Elon Musk Starlink satellites tracker.

Find Starlink lets you visualize your satellite position in the Earth’s orbit. There’s a live map that plots the course of each cluster as it travels around the Earth. That’s the reason you can see roughly when one of them will be in your region of the world. With the help of, you can even get a grasp of the speed and latency of your region’s satellite. Elon Musk Starlink satellites tracker also has an under-development app in the beta that works the same. In the coming years, it will take the place of the official website on its own.

SpaceX Starlink live tracker.

SpaceX Starlink live tracker sites make it quick and easy for anyone to track Starlink’s satellites in real time. Whether you’re trying to find your nearest satellite, check coverage, or you’re just curious, you can watch these satellites race around the globe and check their stats in a matter of seconds using these live maps.

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