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How to Setup New JOOWIN 1200mbps Wifi Range Extender?

If you want to win over your bad wifi connectivity then Joo-win will help you in that. How poetic!!!. Well, after reading this article you will definitely feel like winning as you will be able to setup joowin wifi extender and use it in just 5 mins.

So, before we start Joowin 1200mbps wifi extender setup you need to make sure that you have working router. Also your wifi router’s network should not be a hidden one. Next, both your router and wifi extender should be plugged in the same room. Also kindly make sure the power LED on the extender is stable.

Now, first and forest we must reset the Joowin extender. For that I will recommend you to watch this quick guide here.

Now, lets start the setup process.

Joowin wifi extender setup via wps

  • So, this is the most simple setup method. Firstly, you will need to press and hold the wps button on your router for around 2 seconds.
  • You will see a light will start blinking on it. Which confirms a wps connection has started from router.
  • Now we need to initiate it on extender too. For that Press the Wps button on the Extender too once.
  • A blinking light on the extender confirms it is looking for signals from router.
  • Generally within next 2 min both the extender and router will find each other and get connected. That’s what WPS Setup means (wireless protected setup).
  • After successful setup your extender will have solid wifi led on it along with internet.
  • You simply just need to grab your phone, ipad, computer and goto its wifi list. There you will see a new network name. This is your wifi extender. It will be using your router’s wifi name in the prefix and then “5G” or “2G” in the suffix.
  • So, for example your router’s wifi name is “SmithFamily” then joowin extender wifi will come up as “SmithFamily-Wifi2G” or “SmithFamily-Wifi5G”.
  • You just need to tap on that network name and type the same password as your router to connect to it. You can now try connecting your different devices and gadgets to this network. Also you can unplug it and move it to the new location.

If this Setup method isn’t working for you. Then it can be possible that your wps is disabled from router. Learn how to enable the wps again.  Also, if this setup method didn’t work for you then we got you covered. Lets try the second method which will definitely work.

Joowin Setup via Browser

In order to setup joowin via browser we will need either a phone, computer/laptop, tab, or ipad. So, before we start this setup method make sure you reset the extender. Also the extender and router need to be plugged in the same room. Also the power led on the extender should be stable. That means you should start the setup process only after 2 minutes of plugging in the extender.

  • So, on your phone or computer goto the wifi list and there look for “Jooowin-XXX-2G” or “Joowin-XXX-5G”. If you don’t see it then you should reset the extender again. Or else make sure your extender is turned on or not. If it has on/off button press it once.
  • Next tap on the network name “Joowin-XXX-2G” or “Joowin-XXX-5G” to connect to them. You can connect to either one of them.
  • Most of the times the setup window will pop-up automatically. If it doesn’t then open a browser(google, firefox, safari, etc) on the same device. And in the URL or Address bar type “” and hit enter. This is the default ip address to login into your Joowin wifi extender.
  • On the setup window type “admin” in all lower case and hit login. It will then scan for all the available networks and will show you the list.
  • Among the list of networks you will need to select your router’s wifi network. And type its password for confirmation. And hit “Save Settings”
  • Now, the new joowin extender network name will be visible in your wifi list. You can connect to it using same wifi password as your router.

So this is how you can complete the joowin wifi extender setup process. Now lets learn more important information like where to place wifi extender?

Where to plug Joowin after setup?

After setup you can place this extender in any room you want. It is recommended that it should still be around 20-30 feet from the router and not more than that. Also, kindly note this is just a wifi extender so it just extends the signals. So, if you have poor wifi speed on your router then it will extend the poor speed only.

So, it is best to use this extender if your router’s download speed is beyond “10mbps” atleast. You can quickly check your routers download speed here. In case you live in remote areas and you don’t have proper wifi speeds, then its wifi extender will turn out to be worthless. So, We recommend you to check Starlink Internet Availability in your area. If available then you will never have to worry about internet speed. You can check starlink internet speed here.

Where not to use this extender?

  • It is recommended not to place this extender in confined room.
  • Not to place it near bigger appliances like AC, TV, Microwave, Refrigerators, Etc.
  • Not too low near the ground.
  • Also don’t plug it far away from router is distance larger than 30 feets.


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