AOOEPU wifi extender setup

How to Setup AOOEPU WiFi Extender?

This guide will help you setup Aooepu wifi extender in just 5 minutes. Basically there are two methods to set this extender up. First is via WPS (wifi protected setup) and second is via browser. We will start with the wps setup first because it is easier one. Also, we recommend you to first reset the extender.

So, in order to reset Aooepu extender first make sure it is plugged in to the wall and the power led on it is stable. Now, you will need to press and hold the wps/reset button on the extender for around 10 seconds. Release the button after 10 seconds and let the extender reboot. It usually takes about 60 seconds.

Now we can start the setup process.

AOOEPU Extender WPS Method Setup

Make sure your extender and router are connected to an electrical outlet. Plus they both are in the same room for setup purpose. The power led on the extender should be stable.

  • Now, first press the wps button on the router. You can find the wps button on the front or back of the router. It looks like to arrows chasing each other. You can check the video here if you don’t know how wps button looks like.
  • Next, you need to press the wps button on the extender for around 2 seconds. A blinking wps light on the extender confirms initialization of the process.
  • The light will blink for around 60 seconds on the Aooepu extender. And then it turns solid which confirms a successful wps setup.
  • You can now check Wifi on your phone or computer. There you will see new wifi network name with “Pro” suffix in the end.
  • For instance, suppose your home router’s wifi name is “JackFamily”. Then Aooepu extender network name will come up as “JackFamily-Pro-2G” and “JackFamily-Pro-5G”.
  • You need to tap on this network and type the same password as your router to enjoy seamless wifi. Just in case this wps method isn’t working for you then it is likely possible that wps is disabled from the router. You can check the article here on how to enable wps. Else, try the second method of setup.

Browser Setup via

Make sure you reset the extender once as a Prerequisite for this setup method. Moreover, both the aooepu extender and your router should be plugged in the same room. Additionally the power led on the extender should be stable.

  • On your phone or computer go to the wifi options. In your wifi list search for “Wifi-XXX-24.G” or Wifi-XXX-5G”. This is your extender default network name.
  • Tap on it to connect to it. Once it connects, the setup window will pop-up automatically. Just in case if it doesn’t then open a browser and in the URL or Address bar at the very top type “”. Hit Enter Next.
  • As you do that it will take you to your Aooepu extender login page. Just in case it doesn’t then Kindly reset the extender and try the setup again.
  • Nevertheless, on the setup page it will scan for nearby wifi networks. It shows you the list of all the wifi. You need to connect to your “Host network name” that is your router’s Wifi.
  • Next, you need to verify your host network, by typing the password. Password is case sensitive so make sure you type it as it is.
  • Hit “Save settings”.
  • In the next window you can Customise Aooepu extender wifi name and password if you want. Although we advise you to keep the default one.
  • As you complete the setup you will observe the Wifi LED on the extender will turn solid green. Moreover, a new wifi name will appear in your wifi list. That is your extender. It will come up ass your “homewifi-Pro-2.4G” or “homewifi-Pro-5G”. You can tap on it to connect to it.
  • Also you can check your wifi speed too. Once you connect to extender’s network name. The goto  to check your extender’s wifi speed.

What to do If My Extender Gives Poor Wifi Speed

In case your wifi extender is not giving you proper wifi speed then first check your router’s download speed. Here, you need to understand that wifi extender/wifi repeater/ wifi booster they all just extends your wifi range. These are not meant to increase the speed. So, if your router is barely giving a download speed of 10mbps then wifi extender wifi give only 5mbps.

So, if you want best results make sure you have robust download speed on the router first.

Also we recommend you to place the extender away from big electrical appliances. If wifi extender is not working for you then you should definitely consider buying a Mesh system. Or else you can also opt for Starlink Wifi if you live in remote area too. You can check starlink cost and its availability in your area here.


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