setup alexa with kasa smart plug

How to Connect Alexa to Kasa Smart Plug In Just 2 Mins?

It gets really easy to access and control our device with voice control over Alexa. So, first in order to connect Tp-Link Kasa Smart Plug to Alexa, you will need to first Setup Kasa Smart Plug. If you haven’t already done that. Then download the Smart Kasa App on your phone. Click here to dowload the Kasa App for (iOS or Android). And first complete the setup.

In a Nutshell you simply just need to download the app. Then plug the Kasa Smart Plug into an electrical socket. Open the app, follow the on screen instructions to complete the setup. In case you are not able to set it up or kasa plug is not getting connected. Then we recommend you to reset your Kasa Smart Plug.

Anyways, once the Kasa smart wifi plug is configured and ready to use then we can go ahead and connect it to Amazon Alexa. Lets learn how-

Connecting Kasa Smart Plug To Amazon Alexa

With the below mentioned steps you will be able to connect any Kasa Plug to Amazon Alexa. Be it Kasa smart wifi plug mini, kasa smart wifi plug slim, kasa smart wifi outdoor plug, kasa smart wifi power stripe, etc.

To start with make sure you amazon Alexa is plugged in. Also Your Alexa should be all setup and working.

  • Firstly open the Amazon Alexa App and on the bottom right hand corner click on “Devices”.
  • Second step involves you to click on the “+” button on the top right hand corner. It then gives you different options to Add, you simply just need to select “Add a Device”.
  • The Alexa App will then ask you “What kind of device are you setting up”? So, you simply just need to select “Plug” among the list of devices.

setup alexa to kasa smart plug

  • It confirms you about the brand of your plug. So simply select Tp-Link Kasa there.

connect alexa to kasa smart plug

  • The alexa app then confirms if you have already setup the Kasa Plug or not. If not then it suggests you to first setup the kasa smart plug and then “Continue” on the Alexa App. So, simply click on continue.
  • On the next step you simply just need to click on “Enable to Use”, to Initiate”Kasa Smart Home Skill”.

alexa setup with tplink kasa smart plug

  • You will once need to Authenticate using your Tplink Kasa Credentials. So, type those details and hit “Authorize”.
  • It will then give you window congratulating “TP-Link Kasa has been successfully linked”.
  • After this, simply close the current window by taping on “X” or “Close” on the top left hand side.
  • Click on “Discover Devices” in the next step. Once it Discovers your plug, click on “Setup Device”.

discovering smart plug on alexa

  • In the Next Step you can add it to group or just hit skip to complete your kasa smart plug connect to alexa.

How to Turn On/Off the Kasa Plug With Alexa?

So, once we setup the kasa with alexa we simply just need to give command to alexa. You will need to call out alexa and simply just ask her to turn “On/Off” with the name of the device that you just setup. For example if you named your smart plug as “Office lamp”. Then you can say “Alexa turn on the office lamp”. Or “Alexa turn off the office lamp”. And Voila see the magic.

tplink kasa skill

Why is My Kasa Plug or Devices Not working with Alexa?

The most common reason for this can be that you forgot to enable “Remote Control” on your Kasa devices. Check here to learn how to enable remote control on kasa smart devices. Once you have turned it on, then try to connect with Alexa again.

Cool Features on Kasa Plug that you should know!

If you are using smart plug then you can do way more than just using them for turn things on/off. For example you can set schedule. Like to turn off the outside light after 10 pm daily. Or you can also do cool tricks with setting timer during Christmas. so here are few features should must not miss.

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