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Cool Features of Echo Show 15 that you probably don’t know

Along with some common features on Amazon Echo Show 15 like adding stuff to shopping list, adding reminders, adding the to-do list, adding sticky notes, controlling smart home devices, etc. That everyone knows. 

You can also track your amazon deliveries, add Event to your calendar(“Alexa, add an event”), you have also got Mute Button and a shutter to cover the front camera for privacy. You can check echo show 15 setup guide here.

So, let’s check out the cool features of this amazing digital photo frame with built-in Alexa.

What Makes Echo Show 15 A Super Digital Frame?

Alexa makes this device super techie which means you can almost do anything with it. Along with a 15.6 Inch touchscreen 1080p display and built-in Alexa and Fire TV which gives you access to 1 million movies and tv episodes. Let’s check more cool features-

Dual Band Wifi

It comes with built-in dual band which helps you connect your Amazon Show 15 to either 2.4GHz or 5GHz network. This is very useful when it comes to “Gaming” or watching “High Definition Movies” as you can simply connect to the 5GHz network which provides way faster speed than 2.4GHz network. 

In case your Echo Show 15 is plugged in far away from the router then, simply connect to 2.4GHz network. 

Ambient Light Sensors

It will automatically adjust its brightness according to the light in the room. So, it will increase or decrease the brightness thoughtlessly. Moreover, at night when it gets dark the screen will turn off. 

Accelerometer Sensors

This will put the Show 15 back to display mode once it detects motion in the room, in case it was in sleep mode.

Clock & Photo Display

In your settings you will find the “Clock & photo display” option. It helps you to upload either your photos(For Prime Members) or else choose from default photos. 

In case you use it as a photo frame then it won’t show you the clock.

Setup Voice or Visual ID

When you set this feature up. It allows Alexa to personalize content and features as per your choice. So, you create these profiles for different members of your family to access their favorite content or shows. It will be able to recognize your profile either through your voice command or via camera. 

Medias Available

You will be able to access Amazon prime, Netflix and Hulu for Tv shows and movies.

For music you can choose between Amazon music, Spotify, Pandora, and Apple music.

You can also access the radio station on show 15 via “iheartRadio”. Audible provides you the option to access audiobooks and podcasts too.

Setting Up Speaker Group

You can simply connect all your Echo devices into a speaker group and make them play the same music throughout your house. On the top of that you can adjust volumes of each speaker/echo individually. 

Smart Home Controls

You will be able to control upto 3 smart home devices at any given time from your echo show 15 home screen. But it doesn’t let you create or control groups through the home screen display. 

Plus another cool feature is that it automatically pulls up the live view from the ring video doorbell as soon as someone presses the button/doorbell. You will have to enable this feature in the Alexa App.

Video Calling Through Show 15

You can video call anyone in your contact list with just a simple voice command (“Alexa, video call ‘name of the person’). Plus you can even video call another echo show around your house. 

You can also use drop-ins to video call or do an audio two way talk with other echoes in the house. Moreover, during dropins the first 10-15 seconds of the other echo camera will remain fuzzy. This is to provide extra privacy. You can also use echo show 15 as a security camera. You can access your Alexa App and select your echo show 15  to check the live view of your house/office.

You can also use echo to make announcements.

Nothing Is Perfect And So Is Echo Show 15

Let’s check out the things that this gadget misses. 

Can’t Install All Apps

You will not be able to install just any app that you like on it. Initially, it didn’t let you install “Disney Plus” or “HBO Max”. With the latest fire TV update you will be able to use them too. But still there are some selected apps that you can download from the Amazon app store. 

There was news about Workaround for sideloading apps on Show 15 that was initially working. But Amazon retaliated and removed that “Downloader” app altogether. Leaving people at the mercy of the Amazon.

Missing Zigbee Hub

Although regular Echo and Echo Show 10 come with built-in smart home hubs. Surprisingly, echo show 15 missed this amazing feature despite being the latest amazon device. 


Earlier Echo show 15 was launched with boring features. But with the roll out of the latest update you are provided with built-in FireStick. Which is making it much fun to use. Being a 15.6 inch screen it sometimes seems too big for kitchen counters and too small to use it on the wall.

Nevertheless, it comes with other cool features too, like controlling all smart home gadgets at once. You must also know what Amazon sidewalk is, if you are going to use this device. 

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