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How to connect Echo Show 15 to Alexa Voice Remote 3rd Gen?

With the Latest Fire Tv Update on your Amazon Echo Show 15 now you can connect Alexa Voice Remote 3rd Generation. It helps you to easily navigate on your echo show 15 screen without you being physically walking up to it each time. 

Now, if you already have Fire TV or Alexa Voice Remote then they might only work partially. You can check more about which Alexa remotes are working with Show 15 here. Lets learn how to connect new remote to Echo show 15-

Connecting Fire TV Remote to Echo Show 15

First and foremost make sure you have already setup echo show 15 and it is plugged into a wall outlet. 

  • Now, swipe down from the top of your show 15 screen to bring different options. 

connect alexa voice remote to echo show 15

  • There simply select “Settings”. You can also ask “Alexa” to open settings for you.
  • Next tap on “Fire TV Settings” among the options and subsequently select “Fire TV Remotes”. With New Show 15 you might see “Get started with a Fire TV Remote” option.

pairing echo show 15 with remote

  • You will then have to select the “Add a New Remote” option or click on “Pair a Remote Option”.
  • On your Alexa Voice Remote (3rd gen) press the “Home” button for around 10 seconds.

Pairing Remote to Echo Show 15

  • After 10 seconds you will see a prompt on your show 15 saying “a remote is Discovered-Tap to complete pairing”. So, simply tap on the prompt to complete remote setup with echo show 15.

What to do if Alexa Remote Tv is not connecting to Show 15?

In case your remote is not connecting to the echo then we recommend you to try turning the TV off. And then turn it back on again after 60 seconds. Moreover simply take the batteries out of the remote and then try pairing again.

If it still does not connect then simply reset your remote. You can do that by pressing the Left, Back and Menu buttons at the same time. You need to press and hold these three buttons together for around 10-15 seconds. Next, you will need to release the buttons and wait for at least 10 seconds. Later remove the batteries from your remote. Unplug the TV and plug it back in. Once it is on, try pairing the remote with the echo show 15 again.


With remote paired to the show 15 you will be able to easily maneuver on Fire TV. Apart from this you can also use an on screen remote on the Echo show. You will be able to pair Alexa Voice 3rd Gen Remote to either Fire Tv or Echo Show 15 one at a time. Plus you are provided with ability to pair more than one remote to the amazon show 15.

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